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We are an authorized dealer of Sapphire Spas, who have the most comprehensive range of Spa Pools and Swim Spas available. Feel the difference when you experience the innovative design concepts, hydrotherapy advancements, targeted jet configurations and therapeutic seating contours.

Enjoy the benefit of the user-friendly ComfortControl™ Operating Systems, PureWater™ Purifcation System and technical developments not seen before in Australian Manufacturing.



Crystal Cove
The party spa with seating for 10

The ‘Party Spa’ with seating for 10 and an enormous footwell, the Crystal Cove offers an abundance of internal space. Invite your friends or just relax in the his ‘n hers arm chairs while the kids enjoy the freedom of our open seating design.

Enjoy the waterfall for play or decorative effect, then turn up the sound on the waterproof stereo and speakers (optional).




Coral Sands
Spacious but realistically priced.....

Our entry level model; the Coral Sands is spacious enough for 6 adults but priced realistically to leave some money for landscaping.

Base price does not, however, mean basic design. This spa, with 43 jets, confidently provides a luxurious full body massage lounger, two back massage seats with air injectors to target leg muscles and three contoured hydrotheraphy seats to fit everybody comfortably.



Emerald Escape
Enjoy a full body massage, simultaneously.....

There’s always someone to envy in life but now, in your Emerald Escape, the both of you can enjoy a deluxe full body massage, simultaneously. This 5 person, 60 jet, dual lounger is powerful enough to deliver hydrotherapy from your shoulders to the souls of your feet.

Benefit from holistic therapy; just open the air injectors and soothe body, mind and spirit with the infusion of essential oils via SapphireScents aromatherapy.




Florida Keys
This 71 jet spa pool will deliver relaxation on many levels

This 71 jet spa pool, powered by 3 pumps can deliver relaxation on many levels. Lying in the ergonomic lounger, prince seat or his ‘n hers seat, streams of warm water and millions of bubbles will ease away the tension in strained, tight and tired muscles.

Just as the hands of a therapist soothe over-used neck and shoulder muscles, our wrap around neck jet system can treat you from all directions.




Montego Bay
The perfect family spa....

The perfect family spa should provide a comfortable spot for Mum and Dad as well as an entertaining area for childish play. 

With so little time to spare in our busy lives today, we must all embrace every opportunity to spend time together with our family. Finding an activity that engages every family member is quite a task, but this spa achieves it effortlessly. Exciting configurations of massage, directional, swirl, cluster and air massage jets combine with the coloured lighting and cascading waterfall to encourage interactive play.




Palm Island
All the luxury of a twin lounger without compromising on space

All the luxury of a twin lounger without compromising on space; the Palm Island, with it’ s 2 pump system, is perfectly designed for 5 adults to simultaneously enjoy a therapeutic hydro powered back massage. 

Whether the boys jump in after the game or the girls get together for a drink and a soak, this spa is guaranteed to perform




Paradise Springs
Can aid in your rehabilitation.....

For those who ‘Play Hard’ but suffer the consequences, the Paradise Springs can aid in your rehabilitation. If injury inhibits your movement, the jets targeting your entire body in this spa’s lounger can simulate some beneficial effects of exercise.

By lessoning the impact of gravity, immersion in the hot water of a spa can also help reduce the intensity of pain and increase flexibility.Your spa can provide welcome relief from persistant back pain as water substantially reduces the weight bearing effects of gravity on the muscles of the back.




Sunset Beach
If you’re concerned about space requirements.....

If you’re dreaming of a spa pool but are concerned about the space requirements then take a look at the Sunset Beach. With 52 jets and enough internal space to seat 3 adults, this spa will fit comfortably on an apartment patio without compromising on leg room or water depth. Our innovative undercut footwell makes the most of previously unused space beneath the lounger seat, allowing all three people room to stretch their legs. 




Victoria Falls
Our top of the range leisure spa pool

The Victoria Falls is powered by a three 3Hp pumps capable of fulfiling every expectation of relaxation, rehabilitation or romance. His `n hers arm chairs, thoughfully created to allow for the height and size difference of men and women, will deliver complete back massages, simultaneously.

If you`ve been on the go all day, collapse into the fully optioned lounger to rejuvenate your body from the top of your shoulders to the souls of your feet. We`ve designed a concentrated bank of hydro and air massage jets to specifically treat your aching legs and feet. If you`re suffering the effects of a tough day, then let our multi-port cohuna jet repair the damage with it`s firm, deep tissue massage Well positioned wrist jets will also loosen tense, over-worked wrist and hand muscles.




Monte Carlo
Fully optioned with seating for 10.....

With comfort, size and design in mind, Sapphire Spas has created the ultimate spa pool for the big back yard.Seating 10, the Monte Carlo will astound you with spacious comfort and a variety of seating. Two fully optioned His’nHersSeats allow couples to enjoy simultaneous hydrotherapy whilst the opposite HydroLounges support your body’s every contour during a full body massage.

This spa’s three 3Hp pumps deliver an incredible volume of water, capable of soothing all your aches and pains and leaving the days problems behind.

For more information about any of our Sapphire Spa range, view the spec catalogue here or visit the Sapphire Spas website.

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